The Mother of a Child Diagnosed with Autism and ADHD

Jackie Grant didn’t know where to turn or what to do when he son was diagnosed with autism. Through one of her friends she was referred to Dr. Zhou, and he has been treating her son for years now, and Jackie’s son has had marked improvements as a result of Dr. Zhou’s treatments. Her son has surpassed all the milestones that doctors had told her he would be unable to achieve, and this is a direct result of Dr. Zhou and his practice.

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Don't need surgery after injury

This is David's second injury on his knee. He's very glad that he doesn't need surgery again.

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​Out-of-Towners Become Regular Patients

Cristina and her family reside in Canada, but that doesn’t stop them from making regular visits to the International Wellness Center. Dr. Zhou has been treating Cristina and her family for the past ten years and having seen the magic of acupuncture, Cristina makes sure to make routine check-ups with Dr. Zhou a part of her vacation itinerary.

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