Introduction to the Herbal Detox Program

Introduction to The Herbal Detox Program

The number of people suffering from drug addiction in America is rapidly increasing and has now become a nationwide crisis. To combat this epidemic, drug scientists and the drug rehabilitation community are focusing their efforts on prevention and treatment plan implementation. However, with the reported number of drug users steadily increasing, it is clear that the current drug addiction protocol has become ineffective. While many people in the field were satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Zhou knew there had to be a better way. He set forth on an exploratory journey to find the missing link that was stopping rehabilitation programs from breaking the cycle of addiction.
            Having taken a step back to research the history of drug addiction treatment, Dr. Zhou found a pivotal variance between the parts of the body that were altered by drug use and ascertained what the current rehabilitation programs were actually treating. While addiction is defined as a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, few, if any, in the most prominent treatment centers are actively working to heal the damage that drug use has caused to the brain’s structure and function. By not addressing the brain disease that is triggering the addictive behavior, most addicts who seek treatment through these traditional channels find that they are leaving their respective programs with a dependence, not on the drugs that brought them in to seek treatment, but on the drugs provided by the facility to stabilize their body in the absence of the previously abused drug. If you had a blocked artery, you would expect the doctor to go in and clear the blockage. Why then would we expect any rehabilitation program to work if it does not include a strategy to repair the parts of the brain and nervous system that have been altered to  promote continued drug use?
Over the past 24 years, Dr. Zhou has been fine tuning his specialized treatment plan to ensure that his Herbal Detox Program addresses all of the factors contributing to drug addiction. It was this desire that led to the creation of Dr. Zhou’s unique herbal formula, which detoxes the body of all harmful toxins and simultaneously works at restoring the patient’s brain structure and function back to its pre-drug use state. Dr. Zhou’s Herbal Detox Program is a new holistic approach to drug addiction treatment that provides a targeted strategy aimed at propeling you into a new drug-free life.